Peaky Blinders Season 2

Just finished this season and I’ve really been enjoying it

The plot is as captivating as ever and the stakes are bigger this time around. Tommy continues to be a compelling protagonist and you watch him grow even more, but also learn he’s not immune to making huge mistakes with serious consequences. The rest of the characters make a lot of developments, my favourite being Polly. As the mother figure of the group, she has a lot of her own struggles as well but overall comes out on top,strong and fierce as ever. I adore her!!! And felt for her immensely at some parts. This show is very adept at drawing emotion out of me lol. I was getting too angry at Campbell before I remembered he is just a character in a TV show. I guess that’s a sign of a show worth watching though.

I’m glad I’m taking it slow and not binging it, and looking forward to the remaining seasons.

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