Messages from the group

The messages from the first people I ever let get to know the authentic me, meant a lot. I never knew I could be so open and still be accepted – and even commended for it. The mind tells you all kinds of lies sometimes. Most clients left their NA or AA books lying around the lounge for others to scribble a paragraph in, about that person, and phone numbers as well to keep in contact. I wonder how many people I will actually remain in contact with out of all of these? Anyway, here are a few of the messages that were left in my book. I am sure I will never forget a single person who wrote in it, and hope I will remember to reflect on these words whenever I am feeling particularly hopeless. Since I did it for others, I feel these messages are genuine and from the heart – coming from people who have gotten to know each other inside and out during the intense process in the treatment centre. (P.S I left the cute grammatical errors as to do otherwise I feel would take away from the sentimentality of it, hehe).

“Lovely Sumaiya – what an adorable little thing you are – I’ve so enjoyed your company. You are a good friend and I know you are gonna live an excellent life. Stay on the right track and don’t look back! Lots of love, Ben x”

“Dear Sumaiya, it has been a real pleasure to of met you in a short space of time I can see your such a kind and caring girl and we’ve had a good laugh so thank you for brightening up my days 🙂 I really think you can beat your addiction your really smart and you have so much going for you so stay strong, trust in the process, and believe in yourself you can do this best wishes, Meyrick”

“My dear Sumaiya! You are like a ripe sweet apple wich began to eat a worm. The more it eats you, the less you have chance to stay unharmed. To get rid of worms apples should be put in water and the worms will immediately leave them. But when apples are taken out there is a danger that the worms will attack them again. Unfortunately apples can not defence themselfes, but fortunately you are not an apple and must understand that only you responsible for staying away from danger and struggle with it no matter what. Love. Elena.”

“Sam, you have your whole life ahead of you. You are blessed with intelligence, wit, kindness, a smile to die for and drop dead looks. Please to not waste these precious gifts. I envy you your future. I will always remember you – old man Graham”

“Sumaiya – the girl with the beautiful smile! It has been wonderful to see you emerge with confidence – I will miss your naughty little antics – stay safe and I hope you have a wonderful future. Lots of Love, Becky ”

“Dearest Samaya – what a gem of a girl! Keep it simple, just trust in the process. A fantastic future is ahead of you, embrace every opportunity offered to you + maintain your self care boundaries. Much love & best of wishes, Simon”

“To Sumaiya (my little sister) Your a clever little lady with a bright future in front of you. You a beautiful inside and out. You make me laugh. Keep strong and stay in touch. Love Jamie”

“To Sumaiya, what can I say? You certainly are one of the most unique individuals I’ve met on this journey but I wouldn’t change a single part of you. The world is now your oyster so go grab a pear. Stick with the winners in recovery and I have complete faith that you will go far in life. Sorry if I scared you, it was just too funny. Love Danny (secret softy)”

“Sumaiya, such a gorgeous young lady inside and out. Young, full of life, caring and funny – this is how I would describe you. It’s been a real pleasure meeting you, your life story, willingness to share and honesty has been an inspiration to me. Keep working this process, keep sharing and being true to yourself. I cant wait to see you on the outside and looking forward to continuing our friendship. Keep smiling and hopefully soon your eyes will be full of happiness and joy. Lots of love hugs and kisses – Kulli”

“Sur-miler, you light up the lodge with your contagious smile. You make me gay, which is a mean feat. You are a beatiful fantastic talented lady and I wish you all the happiness the world can offer you. Please stay in touch as I consider you a true freind. Love always Andrew”

“Sumaiya, i have seen so much progress from you over this realitive short space of time. I am going to miss that big smile and warm heart of yours. You have been a big part of my recovery and unlocked a plethora of emotions and memories that i had buried for so long. Although we are so different i feel like we are so similar. Our addiction hides itself in plain sight so it is imperative that we are on guard at all times. I hope you grow the strength to tackle your demons head on. If you ever need to talk you know where to find me, Big T”

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